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So this is the look I’ve been loving as of late (er, lately): A loose-fitting sweater worn over a feminine dress. This mix lets you get away with being super cute and cozy, which, given the weather in NYC lately, we can all appreciate. Just saw this outfit on Who What Wear a couple days […]

Suit Up!


Breaking News: My brother is engaged! And I was asked to be BestWOMan! Oh, what to wear? I half-joked with everyone that I’d show up in a suit with a bowtie. J saw this on WhoWhatWear and immediately sent it to me. Ya see? Suits are on everyone’s mind! Barney would be pleased. I’ll be […]

I’m missing Autumn in New York and it’s just about the saddest thing ever. I shake a clenched fist at the world for sending me to Las Vegas on the very first day of my favorite season. Vegas. Where the sun keeps shining, the air is dry; but the food! oh, the food! — Yea, I stayed indoors for […]