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I haven’t hung up stockings in a couple of years, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting the stuff that goes in the stockings! Below are a few handpicked Ellestocked faves. Feel free to hang up a stocking so you have reason to buy all the below for yourself. Just don’t forget to act surprised […]

Forever Florals


In the past, I’ve highly recommended Forever 21 jewelry but I don’t think I’ve ever recommended Forever 21 clothes. TBH, it’s because I think they make poor quality “disposable” clothing. But… get ready cuz it’s summa-time and my feelings are about to change. I was browsing for floral dresses and rompers and I realized that […]

Skater Dresses


When I first saw the words ‘Skater Dresses’ I thought, WHATTT?? What is this glorious new thing?? I say with little dramatic exaggeration that a montage of skinny boys wearing Vans and two-pocket Jansports, me in my childhood bedroom listening to Something Corporate while chatting with said boys on AIM, and me getting all giddy […]

Now, I don’t expect to actually receive any of these, because we all know wishes rarely ever come true. But if you’d like to warm my cold, cold heart with a present or two…well, that’s up to you. I tried taking my dad’s old watch and he told me to stop wearing mens’ stuff. I […]

As if it weren’t enough that I basically write papers for a living, I’m getting a strong urge to start using backpacks again. In high school, I used to be all about the JanSport until I conceded that I couldn’t pull off “angsty skater”; and, to my disappointment, the only reason the boys that looked […]

Has anyone attended an ‘Ugly Holiday Sweater’ party? Every year, I try to wheedle an invitation, but I never get invited to one! Can someone please please send me an invite? I would greatly appreciate! However, I can’t seem to find any ugly sweaters. All I can find are these super cute ones! How badly […]

This New Years, we’re shaking things up — and by that I mean, we’re jumping across the pond to ring in 2010 Dublin-style. Regardless of where we are, however, one thing will always be synonymous with New Year celebrations — sequins. So what if I’m a month-and-a-half early? You can be sure I won’t be […]