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Bare Bones


At my day job, the company tried to raise some holiday cheer by holding a ‘festive sweater’ contest. I don’t think anyone dressed up — at least not anyone who wouldn’t wear these sweaters on a regular basis. My boss came in and deplored the tradition because she comes from a world where women (read: […]

I’m flying to Cali tomorrow! I am excited to see family, friends, and most importantly, FOOD. I really love Cali food. I love Thai, pho, fish tacos, lobster burritos, home-cooked meals, and lots and lots more tacos! This year, the entire fam is getting together. Which means no pj’s all day. I need to dress […]

High Five


Among the typical wintertime necessities, gloves would be my “nice to have” as opposed to my “must have.” My hands are usually pretty warm as long as I keep them in my coat pocket or something. To be honest, just thinking about wearing gloves makes my hands itch. Now, of course I’ll wear them when […]