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This isn’t how it happened in The Devil Wears Prada! What happened to life mirroring art!? Anyway, Frenchie Editor-in-Chief of Frenchie Vogue has announced her resignation and — dun dun dun — a new editor in chief will be announced sometime soon. What’s with all the break ups this winter (Zac and Vanessa! Ryan and […]

Worried you missed out on all the post-Thanksgiving deals? Fear not! Retailers are still clamoring for your dollars and more than 450 retailers are participating in’s 2nd annual Free Shipping Day on December 17th (the goal is to hit at least 500 by this time). Currently, there are 98 clothing retailers in the mix, from Seven […]

Nope, not talking about track shorts, cheerleader uniforms, shin guards or shoulder pads today. “Sportswear” actually refers to a more casual, comfortable style, fit for your typical business or social events. Crazy, eh? A New York Times article credited (blamed?) the economy for bringing sportswear back onto this year’s runway, calling the style “modest and quietly confident” […]