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High Five


Among the typical wintertime necessities, gloves would be my “nice to have” as opposed to my “must have.” My hands are usually pretty warm as long as I keep them in my coat pocket or something. To be honest, just thinking about wearing gloves makes my hands itch. Now, of course I’ll wear them when […]

It’s a pretty good time of the year and I’m excited to go visit the family in Jersey this week for what I’ve been told will be two Thanksgiving Day dinners — one on Thursday and a bonus meal on Saturday. I just downed about two handfuls of chocolate-covered peanuts so it’s safe to say […]

A La ModCloth


A friend of a friend tipped me off to ModCloth and to spread the wealth, here’s a tip — get there quick before another one of their vintage pieces gets bought! The site was founded in 2002 by a fashionista and her techie boyfriend, now husband (How perfect is that?). The girl — we’ll call […]