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Snowstorm in NY! 18 inches! I blame the snow for my not getting a post up yesterday. I had never taken a snow day before, and yesterday was my very first. Trains were down, cars were packed under many pounds of snow, and I dumbly tried to carry 50lbs of laundry to the laundromat. NOT […]

It is freezing in New York. And I can’t say enough bad things about it. There have been lots of holiday parties going on, but due to the inclement weather, I find myself wanting to dress in 2 pairs of sweatpants, 3 layers sweaters/hoodies, Uggs (which are definitely not cool anymore), and a giant Northface. […]

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes… But brother, you’re never fully dressed Without a smile Your clothes may be Beau Brummelly They stand out a mile But brother you’re never fully dressed Without a smile… See the pretty girl in that mirror there? Who can that attractive girl be? Such a pretty face […]

I am a really big fan of LOOKBOOK. (If it takes too long to load, try their tumblr.) It’s awesome how much thought goes into the aesthetic of the picture. The images are similar to magazine spreads, rather than just shots of the outfit. While perusing the site today, I found some easy looks I’d […]