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J. Crew Sale!


I usually find J. Crew stuff really overpriced and a bit stodgy/boring. However, I always find super cute stylish girls wearing loads of J. Crew stuff. Can someone explain that to me? Is J. Crew meant only for those who are really creative and great at layering? Anyway, J. Crew is having a super sale […]

I’ve been on the prowl for a while now — for skinny jeans, duh. I bought my first pair of black skinnies from TopShop and wore them until the crotch area was literally hanging by a thread. Convinced that brand was the only one for me, I begged my boss to bring me back a […]

Ok, I’ll admit — I’ve been called frumpy more than once in my life. I can’t help it if I really love the stuffy librarian look! Longish below-the-knee pleated skirts + cardigans + glasses = heaven to me. In middle school, I was the only kid in my class to vote YES on uniforms. I […]