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Forever Florals


In the past, I’ve highly recommended Forever 21 jewelry but I don’t think I’ve ever recommended Forever 21 clothes. TBH, it’s because I think they make poor quality “disposable” clothing. But… get ready cuz it’s summa-time and my feelings are about to change. I was browsing for floral dresses and rompers and I realized that […]

So even though yesterday basically consisted of leftovers, television, and intermittent attempts at napping (i.e., indoor activities), I’m fairly confident that the weather was gloriously beautiful. The sky appeared to be the bluest of blue, and through an open window, only gentle breezes. In other words, now’s the perfect weather for laying up without looking […]

Forever 21 is a really great place to go for jewelry! I am often wary of their clothes (I refer to it as disposable clothing) but I’m oddly drawn to their accessories section. Most of their necklaces are under $10, so why not stock up on them? When you’re all covered up and battling the […]

Akin to the simple, subtle aesthetics of the plain white t, the sweatshirt has a certain je ne sais quoi that somehow makes it okay to use French in a sentence describing it. Comfortable, durable, expendable, sweatshirts are what we typically associate with gymming or throwing over our PJs for those covert ops to the […]

I attend a lot of book parties for my job. Since I never know when I need to go to an event, I am always looking to stock up on pretty and appropriate dresses. The crowd is usually a bit older, so I try to avoid anything risqué. (You’ll start to see that I take […]