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So this is the look I’ve been loving as of late (er, lately): A loose-fitting sweater worn over a feminine dress. This mix lets you get away with being super cute and cozy, which, given the weather in NYC lately, we can all appreciate. Just saw this outfit on Who What Wear a couple days […]

There is a definite bite in the air. But supposedly it’s not cold enough for winter coats. This in-between stage always befuddles my Californian practicality. If it’s cold, why not put on a coat? But my jaded East Coast friends always tell me to “save” my winter coat until it gets REALLY cold. But it […]

I know I know, it’s getting colder. I bought 4 sticks of chapstick and a huge bottle of lotion yesterday. But I’m still in denial. I LOVE SUMMER! Well, if summer is on its way out, I can at least spend ONE day reminiscing. I love everything about summer in New York. The hustle and […]