So I’m walking along the L platform at Union Square and I totally check out this tall, lean brunette and the thing I loved about her outfit was her Timberlands. She had on dark skinnies worn over, not tucked into, classic Timbs. I envied the simplicity of industrial juxtaposed to hipster chic. Yea, androgynous fashion is way too awesome.

Timberland Classic 6" Premium Boot, $155

When the first snowmageddon struck this season, I was holded up in my apartment for fear of losing my toes. I lamented my concern to Lo’s Boy and he responded with one word: Timberlands. Maybe he was trying to say that the reason he COULD leave his apartment was because he had Timbs, and I, of course, was house-ridden because I didn’t. No more! I am going to get them. Rain boots have not been working for me as I’ve nearly tumbled down the subway stairs a few more times than I’m willing to admit, slash, my heart can take. Damn you, slush!

Our friend Chich tipped us off to a $13 version of the boot by Cherokee that he bought two years ago at Target. They’re still in great condition and, more important, waterproof. BUT, it seems Cherokee no longer manufactures these and now Target’s selling a similar boot by a different brand, Merona, which, according to the reviews, is not nearly as good as the old Cherokee brand (And! It’s more expensive). (Snow)BALLS.

Men's Merona Ryker Work Boots - Wheat, $24.99


This chick kinda looks like Katie Holmes but way cooler.


Two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank is now going to be designing an… athletic line? Weird. I don’t think fashion comes to mind when I think of Hilary Swank.

Word is Swank is going to be designing an outdoor ‘athleisure’ brand. Right now, Swank is interviewing designers to partner with her on the collection. We’ll keep an eye out for this collection. Bets on whether it’ll be any good?


Emmanuelle Alt, who was the magazine’s fashion director since 2000, will succeed Carine Roitfeld.

PRETTY, n’est-ce pas?

via NY Times.

Here I am, in Ireland! It’s been a really relaxing time. Lots of home-cooked hearty meals (my favorite = bacon and cabbage!), lots of reading (mostly finished with all the Harry Potter books), and lots of shopping and even more window-shopping.

I went to Galway yesterday and revisited all my old haunts. I had studied abroad there about 6 years ago (I’m old!) and really enjoyed the quaint seaside town. I picked up this awesome authentic Aran sweater yesterday, after trying on lots of different sweaters in wool shops all around Galway (to the chagrin of the bf).

It was only 25euros! It would cost more than that just to buy the yarn. Nevertheless, my dream is to be able to knit one of these sweaters myself. The bf and his sister told me that growing up, they would each receive such a sweater from their aunt on Christmas. Little Irish children, running around in Aran sweaters! What a vision! (I’m actually trying to get one of these sweaters for J, but shh, don’t tell her!)

To further support the Irish economy, I also purchased this bag from Brown Thomas.

This Moschino Love purse wasn’t too expensive, especially compared against the Alexa bag by Mulberry I was originally set on getting. I’ve actually grown quite fond of this bag, and already got a few compliments when I used it for a night on the town.

Last but not least, I had to make a stop at my favorite store in all of Ireland — Penneys. It’s kind of like… well, Walmart. Except with really cute clothes, and super rolled-back prices. I got this dress for 7euros. YES, that’s right, 7EUROS! That’s about $10. I mean, fullprice for this dress is only 21euros anyway, nothing to really complain about. But for 7euros, I really should’ve grabbed a couple more in case one of them gets ruined by red wine spillage…

So far, I’ve been really good and the only purchase I’ve really regretted was spending 15euros on candy at the movie theater. I’ll be heading back to the States this Sunday but til then, I plan on purchasing a few more items to support the economy over here and I’ll be sure to report to all you lovely readers.

Well, til my next post, Slan! (The bf is yelling in the background –‘You forgot the fada!’)

While roaming around on Tumblr late last night, I found this site called 01Mathery: 2 young designers, one idea day. They’ve since started 02Mathery, which is more of a collaborative project where you can submit your own DIY projects. Basically, the idea is to come up with cool ways to make life easier and a lot more interesting with DIY projects made from inexpensive materials, much of which we have lying around the house (a wall hook made out of utensils? awesome. a watermelon water jug? definitely.)

Some of these DIY clothing and accessories may not be the most attractive but it inspires me to think about how to be creative with the ordinary.

I made one of these coasters a few months ago while researching the best way to re-purpose a pair of jeans I had unfortunately, uh, split.

Denim coaster

Anyway, here are some cute ideas from 01Mathery and 02Mathery. Check out all the other awesome ideas — maybe submit some of your own!

The artistes! Super cute.



Shoe Lac-e


'Rain folder: for when you forget your umbrella'

Accessories holder

Now, I won't lose my hair ties. Maybe?

No more tangled necklaces!

T and I are currently getting into knitting, too, but all we really know how to make is scarves. Practice makes perfect! It’s winter! Stay home for a change! MAKE SOMETHING OF YOURSELF. Or, you know, just make something.

I don’t know if you’ve been noticing lil ole Gwennie recently, but she has been rocking out in fab frocks and lordy lord, have you seen her gams? (Has she really had two children or were they from a surrogate? Be serious.)

Below are my top GPM looks as of late. I loved all her red-carpet looks for the Ironman 1, so I’ll include some of those as well. I also love love love her shoulder-length wavy hair. I hate to say this, but she really is perfect… I totes have a girl crush on her.

In Ralph Rucci

LOVE this dress! Perfect cutouts and I love her long blonde hair. So effortless!

In Calvin Klein

A pop of color. So chic and fun!

In Stella McCartney

I wish I looked like this when I was dressed “casually.”

In Atelier Versace

Ironman 1 days

Va Va VOOM! Love that she can pull this off at her age. Amazeballs!

So there you have it. I want to look be Gwyneth Paltrow when I grow up!

Snowstorm in NY! 18 inches! I blame the snow for my not getting a post up yesterday. I had never taken a snow day before, and yesterday was my very first. Trains were down, cars were packed under many pounds of snow, and I dumbly tried to carry 50lbs of laundry to the laundromat. NOT OPEN! It was terrible.

Anyway, all complaining aside, it was pretty incredible to wake up to a winter wonderland. My family was staying with me and my mom and younger bro had never seen anything like it. Here’s a peek at my hood:

Street View

Main road, cleared! But what about the other streets...?

Let’s take a look at a few smartly dressed peeps who are ready for any blizzard. (Courtesy of LOOKBOOK)


This girl is from Brooklyn! She must understand my snow troubles. However, I did NOT look like this yesterday. (Instead of cute stockings and thigh highs, I was wearing my fat jeans.)

Gianni S., Milano/Napoli

LOVE his hat. In fact, I bought a similar one from Gap Kids the other day. My mom asked me where my Uggs went and I told her I had to toss them cuz they got destroyed, but I am considering getting new ones. They really keep my feet so WARM!

Lea W., Germany

I can totes see J in this outfit. ‘Nuf said.

Hope everyone is nice and warm wherever you are! I am off to Ireland tomorrow *fingers crossed my flight isn’t delayed/cancelled* but I will be blogging between mouthfuls of potato and the beau’s mother’s famous bacon & cabbage!!! NOM NOM.