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Suit Up!


Breaking News: My brother is engaged! And I was asked to be BestWOMan! Oh, what to wear? I half-joked with everyone that I’d show up in a suit with a bowtie. J saw this on WhoWhatWear and immediately sent it to me. Ya see? Suits are on everyone’s mind! Barney would be pleased. I’ll be […]

New year, new job, new wardrobe? Wait, let’s not get ahead of ourselves… But I am shopping for some new basics to wear. I headed over to Gap to see what new merch they have. They are always good for cute and wearable basics to supplement any wardrobe. Um, je love. Cute right? I know, […]

I’m flying to Cali tomorrow! I am excited to see family, friends, and most importantly, FOOD. I really love Cali food. I love Thai, pho, fish tacos, lobster burritos, home-cooked meals, and lots and lots more tacos! This year, the entire fam is getting together. Which means no pj’s all day. I need to dress […]

I attend a lot of book parties for my job. Since I never know when I need to go to an event, I am always looking to stock up on pretty and appropriate dresses. The crowd is usually a bit older, so I try to avoid anything risqué. (You’ll start to see that I take […]