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This New Years, we’re shaking things up — and by that I mean, we’re jumping across the pond to ring in 2010 Dublin-style. Regardless of where we are, however, one thing will always be synonymous with New Year celebrations — sequins. So what if I’m a month-and-a-half early? You can be sure I won’t be […]

I haven’t seen a lot of movies — Back to the Future, the original Indiana Jones and Star Wars, Godfather, to name the particular few that have really cost me. So, in a desperate — or what I’d prefer to call ambitious — attempt at cinematic¬†edification, I’ve decided to watch all the classics. It’s been […]

‘Tis the season… to buy BAGs! I don’t know why, but fall always seems to put me in bag-buying mood. First of all, summer bags go on sale and who doesn’t love SALES? And secondly, winter bags are in full force and I have such a thing for hefty leather goods. But fall/winter bags must […]

Ah, San Francisco. As they say, there’s something sisterly between Brooklyn and San Francisco, which maybe explains my affinity for the girl smoking outside of a bar I was in tonight. Left hand on her hip, right hand holding a cigarette, she had an air of casual confidence — but t’was the hat that sealed […]

Forever 21 is a really great place to go for jewelry! I am often wary of their clothes (I refer to it as disposable clothing) but I’m oddly drawn to their accessories section. Most of their necklaces are under $10, so why not stock up on them? When you’re all covered up and battling the […]

Every year, around this time, I start debating if I want a new jeans look. Last year, I went totally skinnies. Skinnies are great, but I’m sort of thinking about a more relaxed fit this year. Maybe something I can cuff? I’ve walked by the Madewell store a bazillion times and I always see cute […]

The Guy Shirt


In college I would wear a denim jacket my dad used to wear in college. I got away with it until a watershed closet-purging incident at the end of sophomore year during which T officially banned it from my wardrobe. I dutifully returned the jacket to my father, but menswear has always sneaked its way […]