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J. Crew Sale!


I usually find J. Crew stuff really overpriced and a bit stodgy/boring. However, I always find super cute stylish girls wearing loads of J. Crew stuff. Can someone explain that to me? Is J. Crew meant only for those who are really creative and great at layering? Anyway, J. Crew is having a super sale […]

It’s 4:40 pm on a Friday and we don’t have summer hours — what gives? I just submitted an article to my boss and now I’m reading this week’s copy of Us Weekly that she gave me earlier today (She’s practically BEGGING me to slack off). On page 36, there’s a spread on ‘Tinseltown’s To […]

Sean Hayes was kind of awesome last night hosting the 64th annual Tony Awards. He was breezy, funny and I loved the times he and Kristin Chenoweth were on stage together [like, you know, when they made out and he sent her off with an affection pat on the ass]. I guess I thought it’d […]

Forever Florals


In the past, I’ve highly recommended Forever 21 jewelry but I don’t think I’ve ever recommended Forever 21 clothes. TBH, it’s because I think they make poor quality “disposable” clothing. But… get ready cuz it’s summa-time and my feelings are about to change. I was browsing for floral dresses and rompers and I realized that […]

Skater Dresses


When I first saw the words ‘Skater Dresses’ I thought, WHATTT?? What is this glorious new thing?? I say with little dramatic exaggeration that a montage of skinny boys wearing Vans and two-pocket Jansports, me in my childhood bedroom listening to Something Corporate while chatting with said boys on AIM, and me getting all giddy […]

Hi everyone! We have settled into our new jobs and we’re ready to blog about clothes ‘n stuff again! Over the weekend, J and I (and two other gal-friends) went to New Orleans to visit a college friend. It was AMAZING. The architecture, the live jazz music coming out of bars, the brass bands on […]