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It’s 4:40 pm on a Friday and we don’t have summer hours — what gives? I just submitted an article to my boss and now I’m reading this week’s copy of Us Weekly that she gave me earlier today (She’s practically BEGGING me to slack off). On page 36, there’s a spread on ‘Tinseltown’s To […]

It’s a pretty good time of the year and I’m excited to go visit the family in Jersey this week for what I’ve been told will be two Thanksgiving Day dinners — one on Thursday and a bonus meal on Saturday. I just downed about two handfuls of chocolate-covered peanuts so it’s safe to say […]

This New Years, we’re shaking things up — and by that I mean, we’re jumping across the pond to ring in 2010 Dublin-style. Regardless of where we are, however, one thing will always be synonymous with New Year celebrations — sequins. So what if I’m a month-and-a-half early? You can be sure I won’t be […]

I met someone earlier this week who told me that he only buys books from his local bookstore. It’s not such a novel concept, but I think hearing it this time appealed to me more so probably because the Greenlight Bookstore in Fort Greene (Jonathan Lethem will be there¬†tonight, reading from his new novel Chronic […]

I don’t know if I ever mentioned this, but half of this blog is from California. I was born and raised in Southern California (NO ONE there says SOCAL so PLEASE stop it!) and I moved out east when I was 18. The East Coast was definitely… different. Culture, weather, food, religion, you name it, […]