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I’ve been thinking a lot about the key items I’d like to have for spring 2011. I’ve given up on disposable clothing… I no longer shop at Forever 21 or H&M. But this also means I get a lot fewer items at higher price points so I have to be very careful about what I […]

It’s been crazy-weather in New York! Snow one day, rain the next, now the roads are paved with ice. I did something dumb and wore leather boots with no grip today. Not only are they not waterproof, I nearly slipped and broke my neck this morning. During one of my near-neck-breaking falls, I saw a […]



So I’m walking along the L platform at Union Square and I totally check out this tall, lean brunette and the thing I loved about her outfit was her Timberlands. She had on dark skinnies worn over, not tucked into, classic Timbs. I envied the simplicity of industrial juxtaposed to hipster chic. Yea, androgynous fashion […]

Hi everyone! We have settled into our new jobs and we’re ready to blog about clothes ‘n stuff again! Over the weekend, J and I (and two other gal-friends) went to New Orleans to visit a college friend. It was AMAZING. The architecture, the live jazz music coming out of bars, the brass bands on […]

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I went a little credit card happy this past weekend, which is what usually happens when I’m entertaining out-of-towners and showing them the gloriousness (I’m officially declaring it a word) that is New York City. Among my purchases were two pairs of boots — same style, different colors — one of which I’m wearing today […]

Less than a week into the new year and already I’ve had three guys tell me that, for them, 2010 will be the year of not being single (I uncharacteristically accomplished something before the deadline and fulfilled this particular new year’s resolution already, prompting readers to request that we edit our About page.) So, in […]

I’m flying to Cali tomorrow! I am excited to see family, friends, and most importantly, FOOD. I really love Cali food. I love Thai, pho, fish tacos, lobster burritos, home-cooked meals, and lots and lots more tacos! This year, the entire fam is getting together. Which means no pj’s all day. I need to dress […]