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New year, new job, new wardrobe? Wait, let’s not get ahead of ourselves… But I am shopping for some new basics to wear. I headed over to Gap to see what new merch they have. They are always good for cute and wearable basics to supplement any wardrobe. Um, je love. Cute right? I know, […]

This week we did wish lists for ourselves. So now all the boys in our life know what to buy us. But… what do we buy THEM? I don’t know about you, but I always struggle with buying gifts for the male species. I dread it because I don’t know what they want. I end […]

Have you heard of Need Supply Co.? Seems like an awesome store! Their site has a clean and user-friendly feel. And the items they choose are so unique and beautiful yet wearable. HOW? How do they do it??? Seriously drool-worthy winter shoes: I love studs! Recently I’ve been wanting to take all my jackets and […]

As if it weren’t enough that I basically write papers for a living, I’m getting a strong urge to start using backpacks again. In high school, I used to be all about the JanSport until I conceded that I couldn’t pull off “angsty skater”; and, to my disappointment, the only reason the boys that looked […]

It’s a pretty good time of the year and I’m excited to go visit the family in Jersey this week for what I’ve been told will be two Thanksgiving Day dinners — one on Thursday and a bonus meal on Saturday. I just downed about two handfuls of chocolate-covered peanuts so it’s safe to say […]

‘Tis the season… to buy BAGs! I don’t know why, but fall always seems to put me in bag-buying mood. First of all, summer bags go on sale and who doesn’t love SALES? And secondly, winter bags are in full force and I have such a thing for hefty leather goods. But fall/winter bags must […]

Ok, I’ll admit — I’ve been called frumpy more than once in my life. I can’t help it if I really love the stuffy librarian look! Longish below-the-knee pleated skirts + cardigans + glasses = heaven to me. In middle school, I was the only kid in my class to vote YES on uniforms. I […]