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So I’m wrapping up at my current job and just faxed in the paperwork for my new job (As the trend goes, T and I will be starting new jobs at around the same time — this year, it’s on Valentine’s Day <3). In the interim, I’ve been pretty relaxed, actually. It’s been really nice.  […]

Now, I don’t expect to actually receive any of these, because we all know wishes rarely ever come true. But if you’d like to warm my cold, cold heart with a present or two…well, that’s up to you. I tried taking my dad’s old watch and he told me to stop wearing mens’ stuff. I […]

Forever 21 is a really great place to go for jewelry! I am often wary of their clothes (I refer to it as disposable clothing) but I’m oddly drawn to their accessories section. Most of their necklaces are under $10, so why not stock up on them? When you’re all covered up and battling the […]