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Right now is pretty much the first time I’ve  had long hair since T convinced me to cut it during sophomore year of college. Anyway, I’m currently obsessed with learning how to do cool braids and buns and came across this DIY that I LOVE. I see so many girls on the subway with this tousled, […]

A Bang-Up Job!


This weekend I took a trip to Bryn Mawr, a town just outside of Philly, to visit our friend Nancy. The weekend consisted of dumplings, shopping, drinking and digging her car out from the foot-deep snow-shell that surrounded it (After a few failed attempts at gunning it in reverse, we were ultimately indebted to a […]

I LOVE short hair for the fall. Something about feeling the wind against the nape of your  neck as you snuggle deeper into your jacket… One of the perks of finally living in a place with four seasons! Saw this great haircut on The Sartorialist. I think this look would be perfect on both gals […]