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I haven’t hung up stockings in a couple of years, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting the stuff that goes in the stockings! Below are a few handpicked Ellestocked faves. Feel free to hang up a stocking so you have reason to buy all the below for yourself. Just don’t forget to act surprised […]

Forever Florals


In the past, I’ve highly recommended Forever 21 jewelry but I don’t think I’ve ever recommended Forever 21 clothes. TBH, it’s because I think they make poor quality “disposable” clothing. But… get ready cuz it’s summa-time and my feelings are about to change. I was browsing for floral dresses and rompers and I realized that […]

I know this is old news, but Rodarte created a line for Target. I think I was first alerted to this collection through Tavi’s blog and I immediately made a mental note to check out the Atlantic Ave. Target which is 1.5 blocks from my apartment. Who knew I was so close to couture? I […]

Me: Hi, I’m moving to a colder region and I’m doing a little research on what type of winter coat I should get. [Please note: This was an unnecessary lie. It was the first thing that came out of my mouth.] Rep: Ski jacket. They’re fleece lined, waterproof, and windproof. Me: Oh, okay. What about […]

Have you heard of Need Supply Co.? Seems like an awesome store! Their site has a clean and user-friendly feel. And the items they choose are so unique and beautiful yet wearable. HOW? How do they do it??? Seriously drool-worthy winter shoes: I love studs! Recently I’ve been wanting to take all my jackets and […]

It’s time! I’m makin’ my list and checkin’ it twice! Except my list is not about who’s been naughty or nice… My list is my PRESENTS WISH LIST! Cute right? I’m surprised I overlooked this amazing jacket on their site. This item is American Eagle‘s Deal of the Week and you get free shipping with […]

I spent my Thanksgiving in Ireland this year. I know, kind of odd celebrating an American holiday on non-American soil. The bf had tons of finals and papers due so I decided to be nice and fly over there for the holiday. To be honest, I didn’t mind very much because I was looking forward […]