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Over the years, I’ve accumulated a lot of scarves. Some are from friends who’ve tired of a particular print or style. Some are from friends who’ve moved to warmer regions. Some were left in my care and never reclaimed. The rest I purchased either from the street vendors in New York City or the wholesale […]

Snow What?


Word on the street is it snowed back in New York. I missed the first snow of the season!! What’s worse is that it’s cloudy here in San Diego! (Fortunately, the amazing Mexican food here is a wonderful distraction, but still.) Correction: Snow in the tri-state area hasn’t reached the city yet! Wahoo! I’m really […]

I attend a lot of book parties for my job. Since I never know when I need to go to an event, I am always looking to stock up on pretty and appropriate dresses. The crowd is usually a bit older, so I try to avoid anything risqué. (You’ll start to see that I take […]