Spring Wish List


I’ve been thinking a lot about the key items I’d like to have for spring 2011. I’ve given up on disposable clothing… I no longer shop at Forever 21 or H&M. But this also means I get a lot fewer items at higher price points so I have to be very careful about what I add to my closet. Last year, my mom encouraged me to buy nicer things. Her reasoning was (and is 100% correct) that I like to toss things around (true story) and if I pay more for an item, I’ll be more likely to take care of it because I am really stingy and will be super careful/delicate with pricey items.

At the very top of my wish list is the classic Burberry trench. I always scoffed at people who pay more than $100 for outerwear, but I am now on board the tailored trench fanclub train. Watch out and get out of my way because if I see you holding my dream trench, I WILL run you over.

Burberry Beige Trenches

How ladylike would I look with the trench and this amazing Prada Shoulder Bag? All the boys would rush to open the door for me since that’s what happens in my daydreams when I am dressed like a lady.

Prada Shoulder Bag

Shoes shoes shoes! I really love buying shoes, but I don’t really enjoy buying/wearing heels. All that is about to change! I know I look 100x better with heels. I look more sophisticated, more put together, less like a 12-year old. It’s time! And these YSL Slingbacks in Patent Leather are going take me from girl to WOMAN.

YSL Classic High Heel Slingback

If you’d like to contribute to my new wardrobe, feel free to email us at ellestocked at gmail.com. I gladly accept!


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