So I’m wrapping up at my current job and just faxed in the paperwork for my new job (As the trend goes, T and I will be starting new jobs at around the same time — this year, it’s on Valentine’s Day <3). In the interim, I’ve been pretty relaxed, actually. It’s been really nice.  This lack of real stress has prompted me to wake up earlier than I have in months because I’m not dreading my days! I’m going to miss some aspects of my current job, though — mostly, the people. I love the people around me, and I’m thankful for the fact that we have a bond that transcends a shared dissatisfaction with our employer.

To that end, my British colleague (who’s starting her own health blog, btw — check it out!) alerted me to a UK online retail site (‘As Seen On Screen’) that, beginning last October, has opened up its store (free shipping! no minimum purchase!) to the US! The retailer suffered a 5-week shut down back in 2005-2006 after an explosion at the Buncefield oil depot, which subsequently burned down Asos’s warehouse. The company has since bounced back and its expansion to the US is evidence of that!

The only thing I wish they had was a lookbook section so we can see how these pieces could work together — the shear quantity of clothes and accessories is incredible! More important, their Outlet/Clearance section has a ton of designer brands, which should keep me occupied for next hour or so…

Dahlia Funnel Neck Buckle Fastening Trench, $94.82

ASOS ARCTIC Suede Crepe Wedge With Shearling Effect, $51.72

ASOS Cropped Sweater, $31.03

ASOS Double Buckle Canvas Satchel, $51.72

ASOS Leather Vintage Style Satchel, $62.06

ASOS Tortoise Shell Boyfriend Style Watch, $51.72

Mango Check Oversized Western Shirt, $42.93


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