A Bang-Up Job!


This weekend I took a trip to Bryn Mawr, a town just outside of Philly, to visit our friend Nancy. The weekend consisted of dumplings, shopping, drinking and digging her car out from the foot-deep snow-shell that surrounded it (After a few failed attempts at gunning it in reverse, we were ultimately indebted to a guy with a leg brace who came over and helped us push the car out from the parking spot while his girlfriend waited across the lot).

This whole ordeal was not in vain for Nancy had an appointment at the hair salon. She was finally fulfilling my longtime dream for her: to get bangs. Persistence works! (Actually, it was the argument that if she didn’t get bangs now, she probably wouldn’t be able to anytime soon because she’s going to be all corporate-lawyer-y in about 6 months — now’s the time to experiment!)

Lucky for Nance, she’s a beauty before and after.

With her roommate, Lily, pre-cut.

At the salon.

At Mixx.

Here are some celebrity bangs we love:

Camilla Belle

Nicole Richie

Kate Bosworth

Vanessa Hudgens

Zoey Deschanel


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