So I’m walking along the L platform at Union Square and I totally check out this tall, lean brunette and the thing I loved about her outfit was her Timberlands. She had on dark skinnies worn over, not tucked into, classic Timbs. I envied the simplicity of industrial juxtaposed to hipster chic. Yea, androgynous fashion is way too awesome.

Timberland Classic 6" Premium Boot, $155

When the first snowmageddon struck this season, I was holded up in my apartment for fear of losing my toes. I lamented my concern to Lo’s Boy and he responded with one word: Timberlands. Maybe he was trying to say that the reason he COULD leave his apartment was because he had Timbs, and I, of course, was house-ridden because I didn’t. No more! I am going to get them. Rain boots have not been working for me as I’ve nearly tumbled down the subway stairs a few more times than I’m willing to admit, slash, my heart can take. Damn you, slush!

Our friend Chich tipped us off to a $13 version of the boot by Cherokee that he bought two years ago at Target. They’re still in great condition and, more important, waterproof. BUT, it seems Cherokee no longer manufactures these and now Target’s selling a similar boot by a different brand, Merona, which, according to the reviews, is not nearly as good as the old Cherokee brand (And! It’s more expensive). (Snow)BALLS.

Men's Merona Ryker Work Boots - Wheat, $24.99


This chick kinda looks like Katie Holmes but way cooler.


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