What’s the Mathery


While roaming around on Tumblr late last night, I found this site called 01Mathery: 2 young designers, one idea day. They’ve since started 02Mathery, which is more of a collaborative project where you can submit your own DIY projects. Basically, the idea is to come up with cool ways to make life easier and a lot more interesting with DIY projects made from inexpensive materials, much of which we have lying around the house (a wall hook made out of utensils? awesome. a watermelon water jug? definitely.)

Some of these DIY clothing and accessories may not be the most attractive but it inspires me to think about how to be creative with the ordinary.

I made one of these coasters a few months ago while researching the best way to re-purpose a pair of jeans I had unfortunately, uh, split.

Denim coaster

Anyway, here are some cute ideas from 01Mathery and 02Mathery. Check out all the other awesome ideas — maybe submit some of your own!

The artistes! Super cute.



Shoe Lac-e


'Rain folder: for when you forget your umbrella'

Accessories holder

Now, I won't lose my hair ties. Maybe?

No more tangled necklaces!

T and I are currently getting into knitting, too, but all we really know how to make is scarves. Practice makes perfect! It’s winter! Stay home for a change! MAKE SOMETHING OF YOURSELF. Or, you know, just make something.


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