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A Bang-Up Job!


This weekend I took a trip to Bryn Mawr, a town just outside of Philly, to visit our friend Nancy. The weekend consisted of dumplings, shopping, drinking and digging her car out from the foot-deep snow-shell that surrounded it (After a few failed attempts at gunning it in reverse, we were ultimately indebted to a […]



Front page of the Fashion & Style section! Gliding meekly through the morass, looking like a skinny schoolboy in his navy toggle coat, was Jared Eng, a 28-year-old blogger who was enthusiastically waved into every V.I.P. nook. … An hour before the jewelry party at Lavo, Mr. Eng arrived at the Four Seasons Hotel across […]



So I’m walking along the L platform at Union Square and I totally check out this tall, lean brunette and the thing I loved about her outfit was her Timberlands. She had on dark skinnies worn over, not tucked into, classic Timbs. I envied the simplicity of industrial juxtaposed to hipster chic. Yea, androgynous fashion […]

Two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank is now going to be designing an… athletic line? Weird. I don’t think fashion comes to mind when I think of Hilary Swank. Word is Swank is going to be designing an outdoor ‘athleisure’ brand. Right now, Swank is interviewing designers to partner with her on the collection. We’ll keep […]

Emmanuelle Alt, who was the magazine’s fashion director since 2000, will succeed Carine Roitfeld. PRETTY, n’est-ce pas? via NY Times.

Here I am, in Ireland! It’s been a really relaxing time. Lots of home-cooked hearty meals (my favorite = bacon and cabbage!), lots of reading (mostly finished with all the Harry Potter books), and lots of shopping and even more window-shopping. I went to Galway yesterday and revisited all my old haunts. I had studied […]

While roaming around on Tumblr late last night, I found this site called 01Mathery: 2 young designers, one idea day. They’ve since started 02Mathery, which is more of a collaborative project where you can submit your own DIY projects.┬áBasically, the idea is to come up with cool ways to make life easier and a lot […]