Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…


Snowstorm in NY! 18 inches! I blame the snow for my not getting a post up yesterday. I had never taken a snow day before, and yesterday was my very first. Trains were down, cars were packed under many pounds of snow, and I dumbly tried to carry 50lbs of laundry to the laundromat. NOT OPEN! It was terrible.

Anyway, all complaining aside, it was pretty incredible to wake up to a winter wonderland. My family was staying with me and my mom and younger bro had never seen anything like it. Here’s a peek at my hood:

Street View

Main road, cleared! But what about the other streets...?

Let’s take a look at a few smartly dressed peeps who are ready for any blizzard. (Courtesy of LOOKBOOK)


This girl is from Brooklyn! She must understand my snow troubles. However, I did NOT look like this yesterday. (Instead of cute stockings and thigh highs, I was wearing my fat jeans.)

Gianni S., Milano/Napoli

LOVE his hat. In fact, I bought a similar one from Gap Kids the other day. My mom asked me where my Uggs went and I told her I had to toss them cuz they got destroyed, but I am considering getting new ones. They really keep my feet so WARM!

Lea W., Germany

I can totes see J in this outfit. ‘Nuf said.

Hope everyone is nice and warm wherever you are! I am off to Ireland tomorrow *fingers crossed my flight isn’t delayed/cancelled* but I will be blogging between mouthfuls of potato and the beau’s mother’s famous bacon & cabbage!!! NOM NOM.


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