Redefining the Sweater Dress


So this is the look I’ve been loving as of late (er, lately): A loose-fitting sweater worn over a feminine dress. This mix lets you get away with being super cute and cozy, which, given the weather in NYC lately, we can all appreciate.

Just saw this outfit on Who What Wear a couple days ago. A bit more polished than the everyday look I’m going for (read: that I can actually pull off), but it’s easy to see how casual can still be classy.

I haven’t worn a sweater with an animal on it since…erm, okay, I wore one last weekend (A cardi with a ferocious but lovable tiger on the back, aka Murder Tiger. Got it on the streets of Fort Greene for $2!). Anyway, the girl in the middle there (apologies for the tiny picture) is wearing a nice frilly bottom paired with this unbearably adorable sweater.

T’s love for Club Monaco has definitely rubbed off on me in the form of coats, dresses, shirts, pants, hats…. Anyway, They’ve got some great styles going on in their Fall 2010 Lookbook. Sequins, sequins, sequins — Love them, but they don’t love me: I wore a sequin dress for New Years 2008 and so many sequins jumped ship that T and her roomie were finding them all over their apartment for the next two years (i.e., when they finally moved out). Maybe I just needed a comfy sweater to hold it all together.

So subtle and yet, so awesome.

P.S., I need that hat.


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