Make-Up Your Winter!


I LOVE Bobbi Brown winter makeup collections. By love I mean I scour the site and end up not buying anything because I love everything so much. The BB winter palettes are ahhh-mazing (as always!). Click on image to take you to site:

THE perfect palette

This palette has just that little kick of shimmer that’ll really make your eyes pop. Since I discovered Bobbi Brown shimmer, I rarely use any matte on my face now (I mean, besides foundation). Shimmy shimmy shimmer all the way!

Pretty pretty colors

My friend Marina over at makeup loves me gave me a similar palette and I absolutely adore it. Really great to have so many different colors at your disposal and although it looks like you’re only given a little dollop of color, let’s be serious, no one really ever uses an entire thing of eye shadow.


Smoky eyes

Back in my college days, I was the smoky eye gal. Every Friday, Saturday, and a random other weeknight, you could count on me to rock smoky eyes. I don’t really do it so much anymore… I think because I am lazy and my go-to everyday makeup consists of tinted moisturizer and… chapstick.

I love these palettes. You really only need one to take all your makeup on the go. The best thing about these palettes are each pan pops out so you can swap the colors! GENIUS!

I swear by Bobbi Brown brushes. Once you learn how to use them, there’s no way you’re giving them up. The great thing about Bobbi Brown is everything is such great quality and you always look natural and flawless, not goopy and caked on. I mean, this is basically an ad for Bobbi Brown cosmetics and yet I’m not getting a cent! Good brands definitely breed loyal fans. Hey, someone, put in a good word for me to Bobbi, won’t ya?…


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