Fall Lookbook, ’10


Cold weather has set in! And I apologize, it’s really been my fault that Ellestocked has been MIA. I have been swamped, over my head, drowning in work. BUT — that shouldn’t stop me from keeping up with these posts, even if I must work by firefly light!

OK, so back to bizness. This particular lookbook gave me pause. Let’s play a game. Let me know if you can guess where these looks are from:

Serious amazeballs.

Do you have any idea where these looks are from?

UM, cuz I shore don't! (I mean, I do cuz I am posting these pics, but otherwise, I wouldn't!)

So flirty and fun! And look at those legs!

This is how I want to look for NYE!

Really love this look. Perfect for all occasions!

This is one of my faves. I adore fur. Especially in the winter. (PETA, don't hate me!)

Hello, J? Can you hear me? This is so J. She might already own every single one of those pieces. Minus the sequins (she left all her sequins on the floor of my old apt one NYE long long ago... AKA they fell off during her wild dancing)

Grand finale! This one is a bit cray for me, but I am really diggin those socks.

Ok, what did you guess? I hope you guessed Anthropologie cuz you’d be WRONG! Oh, did you guess Club Monaco on steroids? YES? HA! WRONG AGAIN!

These looks are from… wait for it… J.CREW! WHAT? Yes, for serious. They are amazing and wonderful and I have a feeling it’s all thanks to Jenna Lyons. I also love the model and her wonderful hair color. J will tell you — I LOVE white blondes!




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