J. Crew Sale!


I usually find J. Crew stuff really overpriced and a bit stodgy/boring. However, I always find super cute stylish girls wearing loads of J. Crew stuff. Can someone explain that to me? Is J. Crew meant only for those who are really creative and great at layering?

Anyway, J. Crew is having a super sale right now and I’ve selected a few things that I think I can work with. Disclaimer: J and I went to the outlets this past weekend and we picked ourselves up a bunch of these dresses:

We got three of these dresses, at $15/each!

Seriously, $179.99??? I don't think they are worth that much... but they shore look cute with the dress!

Isn't this so cute??? This is exactly what I mean about super cute stylish girls clad in J. Crew! So adorable and not at all stodgy! How do they do it???

$149.99. How is this a super sale when things are still so pricey? Geesh!

$59.99. That's more like it! I love this blazer. If you remember my obsession last year (BLAZERS!), I would like to report that I am now 10 blazers richer but my bank account is broke.

J will tell you. I love pants! I love them. I want to wear pants all the time. I feel like they make me look older, more profesh, and I can sit however I want without anyone seeing my hoo-ha!

It might be time for me to transition into one-piece swimsuits... I am tired of sucking in my stomach.

How hilar is it that this dress is called "Petite embossed playa dress"? It's a PLAYA dress! MUAHAHAHA

So there you have it. Some of the prices are a bit steep to be called “SUPER SALE PRICES” so I understand if you totally ignore this post. I really like that salmon color. I got my nails painted that color a few weeks ago, and I loved it! I think it’s a flattering color for most people.

Oh, and Happy Fourth of July weekend!


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