Skater Dresses


When I first saw the words ‘Skater Dresses’ I thought, WHATTT?? What is this glorious new thing?? I say with little dramatic exaggeration that a montage of skinny boys wearing Vans and two-pocket Jansports, me in my childhood bedroom listening to Something Corporate while chatting with said boys on AIM, and me getting all giddy at the announcement (uh, like, two weeks ago) of Something Corporate’s reunion tour flashed through my mind. A dress to capture all those wonderful memories? WHAT?

Alas, skater dresses aren’t sk8tr dresses — but that’s nothing to get all emo over. did a feature on skater dresses a couple months ago. Basically, they’re dresses modeled after figure skating — only the best (i.e., the only one I watch) Winter Olympics sport — outfits. I’ve seen them being touted as a quintessential piece in, ironically, any summer wardrobe. The dresses embody some of my favorite qualities: pleats and a fitted waist. Designs range from petals to pastels, daring to dainty.

You can never really have enough reasons to love summer.

Check out some looks:

KNT By Kova &, T Pleated Mary Dress, $98

Alice + Olivia, Laurie Tie Dye Dress, $368

Floral Flounce Sleeve Dress, Forever21, $22.80


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