…and we’re BACK!


Hi everyone!

We have settled into our new jobs and we’re ready to blog about clothes ‘n stuff again! Over the weekend, J and I (and two other gal-friends) went to New Orleans to visit a college friend. It was AMAZING. The architecture, the live jazz music coming out of bars, the brass bands on street corners, and, ok, let’s stop kidding ourselves – DRINKING ON THE STREET?!? They have daquiri drive-thrus people!!! “It doesn’t count as an open container as long as the straw isnt in the cup.”

Anyway, back to fashion. First, let’s start with a confession. I don’t know if it’s because of my job change, or if it’s because I am quickly approaching late-twenties, but I am really digging Ann Taylor Loft. I noticed that all the southern girls down in Nola had on clean classic summer looks. Very unhipster. I have failed at hipsterdom, so I might as well go the other direction. (Sperry, here I come!)

Totally work-friendly

Seriously, is it just me or is this really cute?

Really want these shoes!

It’s ok if you hate me. I just thought I’d come clean and admit — I am a mid-twenty New Yorker and I really like Ann Taylor Loft!

p.s. We’ve missed y’all! Feel free to shoot us an email at ellestocked at gmail dot com.


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