A Bit O’ Irish Couture


I miss the stew, the shank … the sweaters?

Thrillist featured an article on Clanaran Sweaters, based out of the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland (We went to the west coast of Ireland!). Here’s a brief description of what these sweaters are all about, in the words of the (super cute!) Thrillist dudes:

Clanarans’ traditional sweaters’re hand-constructed by “hundreds of skilled knitters” (aka, old ladies) using custom stitching patterns that’ve historically identified and reflected specific Irish clans’ trades, cultures, and lifestyles, represented in a catalog of 500+ different Irish surnames, a list that oddly omits the O’Carrottops.

Funnily enough, even with 500+ names, most of the site visitors claim that the reason they don’t own a Clanaran sweater is because there isn’t one available for their clan — I mean, c’mon now, how can there be no Tsai sweater? Pshh.

The closest I got to finding a sweater in the name of someone I know personally was for Twomey (aka, Ó Tuama, Twoomy, Tuomy, Towmey, O’ Twomey, O’ Toomey)

“The hand knit Twomey sweater incorporates cable, link and braid stitches. The cables symbolize a wish for good luck while the link stitches represent the unbroken chain between the Irish who emigrate and those who remain at home.”

Sexy, yea?


6 Responses to “A Bit O’ Irish Couture”

  1. 1 lolo

    McKay is Scottish, you dingbat.

  2. Amusing summary of Clanarans. In fact there are dozens of knitters , not hundreds.

  3. 3 nas

    i would call that a match on the name
    though i dont expect to find myself on their either
    they had something at the national museum in dublin that was a name finder… we didn’t bother

  4. 4 nas

    that’s a sign i need to go to sleep

  5. Twomey- its like Toomey, only not from Limerick, and therefore inferior

  6. 6 nas

    but what about O’Toomey?

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