T found this silent video of Scarlett Johansson a few months ago on Say Yes to Hoboken, a really cool blog — and not just because it refers to a place in Jersey.

She’s beautiful, yea?

I saw A View from the Bridge on Wednesday with Boy and it was pretty awesome. Scar-jo, however, was just pretty…sorta. The play also stars Liev Schreiber (so good!) and Jessica Hecht (so good!), so go see it! Limited time only.

Scarlett’s never really been on our radar as a fashion icon, probably because we lack the physical assets that always give her outfits a little, uh, boost.

Busting out of her sultry style, she’s definitely got some cute looks I like:

Oh, you know, just taking pictures — keeping it caj.

At Tara Subkoff’s Imitation of Christ show a couple years ago.

Wine-and-cheese party elegant.

Sunday-morning sweet.

Scarlett Johannson for Mango’s Fall/Winter 2009 line.

Ok, I love this in large part because of the shoes and the possibility that there’s an awesome boyfriend cardigan somewhere in there.


One Response to “Scar-Jo”

  1. I love her. Never get tired of looking at her. .. yes I might have a girl crush on her. hahaha

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