Flower Power!


I am really obsessed with flower accessories. All my friends have seen me with flowers in my hair on a night out, or flowers pinned to a dress, or perhaps my most inspired moment when I pinned a flower to a long scarf at the nape of my neck. So this year, for my 25th birthday (offish mid-twenties!) my darling friends (d+n+j) got me one-of-a-kind handmade emersonmade blooms!

This beautiful big blue bloom!

And a bunch of small ones so I can mix and match!

Don’t I look divine? (Although a bit wooden)

emersonmade really does have the cutest site and I love her blog! And her blooms are also good for the boys:

(I’m totally lustin after that couple, by the way! How wonderful it must be to be attractive and gaze into the face of your attractive mate every morning!)

Now that my friends got me a taste of these beautiful blooms, I have a hankering for one of these for the hair:

Next year, perhaps…

But before I get too greedy, musn’t forget:

Thank you friends! I was completely surprised and delighted! Best present ever!




2 Responses to “Flower Power!”

  1. T, I love it when you rock a flower in your hair, you pull it off so well!

  2. 2 n


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