2010: New Job, New Look!


New year, new job, new wardrobe? Wait, let’s not get ahead of ourselves… But I am shopping for some new basics to wear. I headed over to Gap to see what new merch they have. They are always good for cute and wearable basics to supplement any wardrobe.

Denim tunic top, $59.50

Um, je love. Cute right? I know, you’re probably wondering where I;m going to work at that I can get away with casual clothes. I am going to be at a hip PR firm in the city, and I think I can dress pretty low-key as long as I throw on a pair of heels. And makeup. And accessories. Geesh, sounds like a lot of work already…

Sun-washed camp shirt, $49.50

Ok I want to wear this shirt with these bottoms:

Hip slung easy flare denim pants, $54.50

Chambray drawstring shirt dress, $59.50

I feel like I kinda already own something like this… But I can do with another one.

Leather field jacket, $298.00

I really love leather jackets. MMMhhh… Maybe I’ll just use a little bit of the money I have not yet earned from my new job to buy myself a present…


2 Responses to “2010: New Job, New Look!”

  1. 1 lolo

    Welcome back ElleStocked! I’ve missed you!
    Question… a winter vacation destroyed my tall black riding boots. Is now a good time to find boots on sale? Where might I find the best deals?

  2. Hey, I loved the post. I recently sold most of my old clothes

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