High Five


Among the typical wintertime necessities, gloves would be my “nice to have” as opposed to my “must have.” My hands are usually pretty warm as long as I keep them in my coat pocket or something. To be honest, just thinking about wearing gloves makes my hands itch. Now, of course I’ll wear them when I go skiing, or when I engage in a friendly  snowball fight here and there. I’m still human, geez.

The only sad part about my body physically rejecting gloves is precisely the fact that I can’t wear them, at least not for longer than minutes at a time. The most glamorous my hands will ever get is with an at-home manicure from my extensive Wet-n-Wild collection. Fancy, I know.

Still, that doesn’t mean a girl can’t look.

Father Panik Brooklyn Pop-Top Mittens
, catbird, $36.00
Mod Goldenrod Glovelettes
, ModCloth, $49.99
Leather Stud Scoop GlovesTopShop, $36.00
Pearl Trim Gloves
, TopShop, $36.00
Fairisle MittensAmerican Eagle, $24.50
Cable Knit Mitt, North Face, $35.00


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