To Infinity And Beyond


Over the years, I’ve accumulated a lot of scarves. Some are from friends who’ve tired of a particular print or style. Some are from friends who’ve moved to warmer regions. Some were left in my care and never reclaimed. The rest I purchased either from the street vendors in New York City or the wholesale vendors in China. No two are the same in size, shape, or design, but they all do have one thing in common — they’re linear. And now — per usual of wanting what I don’t have — I’m really intrigued by the circular.

Sure, linear may be more versatile, but sometimes you just don’t want the two ends flapping about. Sometimes, you just want to know your scarf is going to stay in place (i.e., around your neck) despite the unforgiving winds. Sometimes, you want sometimes to be an eternity.

Zebra Eternity Scarf, Wet Seal, $10.50
Twilight Spacedye Cowl
, Urban Outfitters, $34.00
Eternity Scarf, Urban Outfitters, $34.00
Ciara Eternity Scarf
, Delia’s, $24.50
XL Knit Eternity Scarf, Urban Outfitters, $28.00
Sparkly Striped Circular Scarf, American Eagle, $24.50
Crochet Circular Scarf, American Eagle, $34.50


2 Responses to “To Infinity And Beyond”

  1. 1 jennie

    the AE scarf is now on sale for ~$14, and it’s buy one, get the 2nd half off :)


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