Menswear Je <3


I’ve really been getting into menswear these days. I think men who dress well might actually be more impressive than women who dress well. (Does that sound vaguely sexist?)

I hit up my new favorite store Need Supply Co. In case you forgot, I found the store only recently, and became obsessed with their shoe collection immediately. Seriously studly.

But you know what else would be studly? My bf dressed head-to-toe in Need Supply clothing. (But unlikely.)

To be honest, I’m not a fan of skinny boy bodies. J loves the hipster slim boys but they gross me out a bit. I like muscle on my men. (See what I did there? J loves boys, I love MEN.) Masculinity does it for me. (Has anyone seen Australia? Love Hugh Jackman in that movie!)

All asides aside, I am probably going to start nudging the bf towards these looks. Shh, don’t tell him. I need to make him think it’s his idea…

Spiewak Martin Jacket, $140
Apolis Activism Merino Military Henley, $175
Sebago Lighthouse Boot, $145
Life After Denim Heritage Stripe Sweater, $72
Sebago Lighthouse Boot, $145
Zuriick Caldwell Leather, $75
Life After Denim Lasalle Cardigan, $49.99
Commune Townsend, $99.99
Property of… Alfie Book Bag, $245
Commune Pompei, $52


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