J’s Holiday Wish List


Now, I don’t expect to actually receive any of these, because we all know wishes rarely ever come true. But if you’d like to warm my cold, cold heart with a present or two…well, that’s up to you.

Vintage 70's (Circa 1970) Regina Mechanical Digital Jump Hour, $375.00

I tried taking my dad’s old watch and he told me to stop wearing mens’ stuff. I returned it to him, not bothering with a rebuff. Little does he know it’s all about androgyny and I can’t get enough.

Urban Decay Dress, MINKPINK, $81.00

This dress reminded me of a photo I took while flying over New York City. That, and the cut, well now, tell me it isn’t bomb diggity.

Sidewinder, Schoner, $86

Hey, hey! Come closer. I can’t see you from way over there. Ah, that’s better — Tortoise? Meet Eyewear.

Bubble Umbrella, Uncle Sam's Umbrella Shop @ MoMA

The weatherman says it’s going to rain — and maybe even snow. All I know? I’m going to be nice and dry — and maybe even catch a rainbow.

Oversized Cozy Scarf, Urban Outfitters, $48

Losing not one, but two scarves in the last three weeks seems hard to believe. They were good ones, I certainly did grieve. Perhaps someone will mend my heart on one Christmas Eve.


2 Responses to “J’s Holiday Wish List”

  1. 1 nas

    that was quite the rhyme there… i definitely see what you mean about the dress and the photo… and it’s oh-so-cute!

  2. 2 hydenckl6

    hahaha thank you m’dear.

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