T’s Holiday Wish List!


It’s time! I’m makin’ my list and checkin’ it twice! Except my list is not about who’s been naughty or nice… My list is my PRESENTS WISH LIST!

AE Tuxedo Jacket, $69.50

Cute right? I’m surprised I overlooked this amazing jacket on their site. This item is American Eagle‘s Deal of the Week and you get free shipping with it! It is so perfect for New Year’s Eve! Alerting all friends and family… This is top of my list!

Bobbi Brown Chrome Palette, $75

I am obsessed with Bobbi Brown makeup. For a while I only used Bobbi Brown products on my face. And then the recession hit and now I buy Target brand copycat St. Ives exfoliator… It’s a bit unfair to post this chrome palette because it’s sold out on their site. (But maybe your faithful friends will check the stores for you…?) I pondered too long whether or not to get it, and when I finally clicked the “Buy” button, it was all sold out! Boo! Some sly and wily people have the palette listed on ebay, but beware! People are paying upwards of $100 for it! Aren’t they the perfect colors for the season? Anyway, free shipping on all Bobbi Brown orders right now!

Doc Martens 460 8 Eye Boot Navy Smooth, $110

I used to really hate Doc Martens boots. I thought they were ugly! But I used to also hate Chucks so really, don’t mind me. I saw someone wearing these navy ones on the subway this morning and I was the creepy person staring at someone else’s shoes for the entire ride. Common, you’ve been that person before. Anyway, I wanted to ask her where she got them but I chickened out. So… dear friends and family, would YOU find out for me and put them under my tree this year? I’m a size 7. Thanks!!!

Cole Haan Marabelle Slim Wallet, $98

I saw this Cole Haan wallet and wasn’t sure if I wanted it or not. So what did I do but convince the bf to get it for his sister! I ordered the black one and when it arrived, I fell in love with it.

(The lining is purple by the way! That really sealed the deal for me.) I called the bf and went on and on about how cute it is, until finally he said, “Do you want me to just buy it for you and I’ll get my sister something else?” I said “no” 3 times before I said “Ok thanks! Oh, but you’re still giving me the other present you got me, right?… Good, then yes, I want it.” And then I hung up the phone so he wouldn’t be able to change his mind.

And that is the story of how I am 1/4 this Very Merry Christmas!


4 Responses to “T’s Holiday Wish List!”

  1. 1 nas

    so what’s the other present he got you?

  2. 3 lolo

    OoooH I can’t wait to judge Tooms on his gift-giving skills! (In a nice way of course.) My M “didn’t know we were doing the gift thing.” Ahhh…. MEN!

    • no way. that is so GUY! are u still giving M a present? or are you going to use the money you wouldve spent on him on yourself? i vote for the latter.

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