Backpack to School


As if it weren’t enough that I basically write papers for a living, I’m getting a strong urge to start using backpacks again.

In high school, I used to be all about the JanSport until I conceded that I couldn’t pull off “angsty skater”; and, to my disappointment, the only reason the boys that looked cute with the two-pocket JanSport bags on were the ones that never carried any books. Anyway, I moved on to Kipling because I liked the monkey key chain thing. My last backpack was an orange canvas one that I found at a wholesale store in China. I loved it to death (i.e., I used it until the shoulder strap finally broke).

I did a few searches online and found some I liked. They’re all pretty different so I guess I can’t say I have a well-defined approach to all of this.

So now, I am, once again, on the prowl — suggestions welcome.

Leather Backpack, TenOverSix, $557.00

I love this one so much but there are two glaring problems with it: 1) the price, and 2) the fact that it seems like the bag itself would weigh more than the contents I put in it. But it’s so beautiful — so so beautiful.

Kimchi Blue Canvas Backpack, Urban Outfitters, $68

Basically a poor — ok, very poor — man’s version of the one above. Tbh, I think I would be very happy with this bag, as long as I could adjust it higher — I have enough back problems as it is.

Deux Lux Colorblock Backpack, Urban Outfitters, $68

It’s not real leather, but that just means I can use and abuse — just what a backpack is meant for — in fact, you could say I’d be helping it fulfill its backpack destiny.

Pearl Lightning Drew Backpack, LeSportSac, $128

A relatively recent attempt at a particular unnamed diet  brought me very close to what I imagine astronauts eat in space. This, while I’m sure is much more fanciful and far less useful than what they use in space, will substitute for my failure to empathize on a gastronomical level.

'Union Square' backpack, Kate Spade, $225

I like the red. I like the structure. I like the name.

Nap Sack Backpack, LeSportsac, $108

I love this and the one below so much for their color and design. I worry, though, that they risk becoming dingy the second I walk out onto the street. Then again, that’s what washing machines are for right?

Nap Sack Backpack, LeSportsac, $108

Nylon Cordura School Bag, American Apparel, $42

The cheapest of the bunch but no less attractive to me. Quite the contrary, affordability always earns bonus points. American Apparel has this style in a bunch of other colors (even metallic!).

So, backpacks? Eh? Eh? Who’s with me! …..


6 Responses to “Backpack to School”

  1. The law students among us, we are SO with you with the backpacks. I tried this year to upgrade to a lovely vintage leather coach briefcase/messenger bag/very lawyerly looking thing (that my mom found at a thrift shop last year $5!!, it has an inkstain, but whatever…) because I’m a little tired of getting mistaken for a gradeschooler, but no dice, my back simply wasn’t having it, so back to the trusty jansport with its “airlift” squishy shoulder straps. Also commuters. Commuters lurve the backpacks.

    Interestingly it is two dudes in my clinic that have the classiest backpacks. Maybe I will get the scoop on where they’re from and report back.

    • YES! THANK YOU!!

      Def find out and let me know what bags they’re carrying!

      The bag your mom found for you sounds so awesome — wear it with prided and for anyone that dares cross you, you just say it’s a “backpacks are in,” followed by a defiant, “BAM — LAWYERED.”

  2. 5 L.

    i tried to go off the beaten path in backpacks and get a crumpler one, but then my 50lbs of books weren’t having it so i coughed up the dough and got a northface.

    it has pockets, galore! and i can fit six books, an expanding folder full of docs, a planner, eyeglass case, laptop, charger, pen case, index cards, scissors, phone, coffee mug, water bottle and my mail… or at least, that is what my thursdays look like…

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