Skinny Jeans: Worth the Wait


I’ve been on the prowl for a while now — for skinny jeans, duh. I bought my first pair of black skinnies from TopShop and wore them until the crotch area was literally hanging by a thread. Convinced that brand was the only one for me, I begged my boss to bring me back a pair while he was vacationing in the UK. He did and they were perfect. Unfortunately, perfection didn’t negate the fact that those jeans (Washed Skinny B Jean in black, now out of stock) were made of cotton, and thus, vulnerable to my inability to care for them. So, they shrank. After confirming that it was, in fact, the pants, and not, say, a bizarre case of thunder thighs, I mourned, then dutifully passed them off to T.

That was nearly a year ago and since then I’ve been on a quest for the perfect skinny jean at a relatively affordable price (i.e., under $100). Store after store in New York failed me, a trip to the outlets in the deserts of California failed me. I found a pair at a local mall in New Jersey but the coupon I had couldn’t be used until a week later.

In retrospect, I like to think that everything was leading up to the shopping grand finale — Black Friday (Full disclosure: I’m never all that impressed with Black Friday sales. I’m more of a end-of-winter/beginning-of-the-new-year kinda bargain hunter).

Within the first 30 minutes of the one hour I spent shopping on Black Friday, I managed to find three pairs of skinnies that I can say with unabashed certainty — I love.

Toothpick Jean, J. Crew, $125

The site says $125 but they were on sale at the store and with my $25 gift card from American Express, I got this pair for under $25.

Zelda Skinny, Express, $59.50

Zelda Skinny, Express, $49.50

With a $20 off all denim promotion and an additional 25 percent off for all purchases before noon, I got each of these for under $30. I used to wear Express jeans in high school when the store would randomly send me $30 gift certificates, but I’ve been wary of them ever since they started putting those cursive ‘e’s on the back pockets, which these pairs don’t have. Right now, is having a buy one, get one 50 percent off sale on all its denim.

Now, I’m on a quest for the perfect legs, or guy — in no particular order.


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