IRISH Edition: Dunnes Dresses


I spent my Thanksgiving in Ireland this year. I know, kind of odd celebrating an American holiday on non-American soil. The bf had tons of finals and papers due so I decided to be nice and fly over there for the holiday. To be honest, I didn’t mind very much because I was looking forward to shopping in Ireland. Whenever I have foreign dollars in my hands, I feel like it’s play money so I throw it around like it’s my job. The bf’s mom needed to buy groceries, and the Irish being so clever, combined a grocery store AND clothing store into ONE big DUNNES store! Look at what fabulousness the clothing half of the store holds:

This Glam Printed Dress is only 30euros and so perfect for any NYE party!

As soon as I walked into the store, I made a beeline for this Cream Shoulder Embroidered Dress. For only 25euros, you might as well buy 2 in case someone spills red wine on it.

Can you believe this Lace Dress is only 25euros? It looks so much more expensive, right? Just FYI in case you need an LBD for 2010…

OMG. This Jacquard Dress is only 20euros! The Leather Jacket is 100euros, but it is real leather after all. This entire outfit looks so chic and expensive!

I’m pretty obsessed with this Sequin Jumpsuit. 30euros and full of glam. I want.

A bunch of us are heading to Dublin for New Year’s. I didn’t hit up Penneys this last trip, but that store better watch out because I’m coming in full force with the gals in just a few short weeks…


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