Safe Travels


For those of us lucky (unlucky?) enough to not have to organize an orphan Thanksgiving, today’s going to be one of the most intense traveling experiences of the year. I’m already emotionally preparing myself for the mad dash to Penn Station once I get out of work. If I were smart and not lazy, I’d be buying my train ticket ahead of time to avoid what I always imagine will be something akin to the Home Alone trying-to-catch-the-plane sequence. Ah, the holidays.

Whether you’re taking the plane or train or braving the traffic and driving, I think there’s a look that goes along with the traveler, especially when it’s chilly outside: layers, big bags, bulky scarf. They’re all the things you need to keep you comfortable if, say, you miss your plane or train and have to camp out in the waiting area; or you’re stuck in back-to-back traffic in the Holland Tunnel and there’s no radio reception, just a single Verbal Advantage CD your dad left in your car.

Anyway, here are some looks I love for when I’m en route:

1. Shopbop
2. Madewell
3. Madewell
4. Zara

Anyway, safe travels, everyone, and when you finally do get to where you’re going, we hope you have a wonderful holiday.


One Response to “Safe Travels”

  1. 1 nas

    happy travels… hope you’re planning to post some black friday sale info! :-)

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