Pretty Little Things


I only own super comfy cotton undies. The kind you don’t parade around in in front of significant others. Recently, the bf asked me to get cuter undies because he was horrified at my collection of 50 asexual boring cotton undies. (Confession: Even with my 50 pairs, not a single one of them match my bras!)

I checked out Victoria’s Secret and there are pretty good deals right now. They have a wide selection of 5/$25, 3/$25, and 3/$30 undies right now. And they also are offering free shipping on orders of $100+, as well as $30 off of $175+. And if you’re just looking to add a thing or two to your collection, you can get 20% off one sexy item. Here are some of my faves (boyfriend approved):

Chiffon ruffle bikini, 3/$30

So cute, right? I love Miranda Kerr!

Lace-trim cheeky panty, 3/$30

Lace-trim cheeky panty, 3/$30

I like the shape of these. They seem comfortable and less chance of muffin-topping.

Glitter star bikini, 3/$30

Glitter star bikini, 3/$30

I think these would be tough to wear under something tight cuz the ruffles might bunch, but these definitely are an upgrade from the boy undies I’m used to sportin around.

Ruffle v-string with garters, 3/$30

How do you feel about garters? Kind of impractical huh. Ahh, is that the key to cute & sexy undies? That they are pretty and impractical? Hmm…

Bow-back cheeky panty, 3/$30

Speaking of impractical… a giant bow on your but??? The bf saw these and liked them. (???) Anyway, I don’t actually love these, but they sure are hilarious. If you want to save money this year and give yourself as the present, get these! Trust me, your bf will love em.

I spoke with a salesperson at Victoria’s Secret yesterday and she told me they are having an amazing Black Friday sale this week… Happy Shopping!


3 Responses to “Pretty Little Things”

  1. 1 nas

    cheekys are comfy! go for it!

  2. I looveee VS underwear and bras… thats the only thing I wear (and I dont even live in USA) lol … and I like the bow-back cheeky panty … I think its cute :P I have smth similar to the glitter star bikini with the ruffles… and they are comfortable to wear under jeans ..nothing bunches up. I think its fun to wear diffent styles rather than same old boring stuff… :D

    • I’m so glad you vouch for VS! I usually wear American Eagle underwear (You should try it! Buy a lot when you come back to the States! hehe) and it’s great hearing people say they love VS. The glitter star bikini ones are so cute, right? Happy Holidays!

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