Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


This New Years, we’re shaking things up — and by that I mean, we’re jumping across the pond to ring in 2010 Dublin-style. Regardless of where we are, however, one thing will always be synonymous with New Year celebrations — sequins.

So what if I’m a month-and-a-half early? You can be sure I won’t be the dull one of the bunch (Oh, yea, we’re going with about 10 other dudes and dudettes.).

Sparkle Tank, American Eagle, $39.50

We’ll start of nice and easy. This is definitely something you can buy and say with certainty — Yes, I can wear this on a nice outing with the family…after I’ve partied all night long.

Raindrop dress, FCUK, $298.00

So I bought two FCUK dresses that have full-body sequins like this. I wore one of them to a New Year’s party at T’s two years ago and  she’s still finding sequins in her apartment. So just a word to the wise — don’t wear a dress like this if you’re going to be part of the clean-up crew. Also, FCUK typically has a bunch of sample sales in the city throughout the year — I got my two dresses for $40 each.

Silence & Noise Sequin Racerback Tank, Urban Outfitters, $38.00

I really like how they paired this for more of a day look but this can easily transition into a glam night-time outfit.

Metallic Skirt, H&M, $39.95

Would this be sparkle overkill if paired with the shirt just above? What am I talking about? There could never be too many sequins on New Year’s Eve.

Sequin Vest, H&M, $34.95

Pair it with a simple (preferably sheer-ish) white t (my fave basic for any outfit) and you can get away with being sparkly-chic without looking like you fell into a tub of glitter.

Silence & Noise Printed Sequin Sublimated Tank, Urban Outfitters, $32

Ok, so maybe this makes the model kinda resemble a mermaid — no? just me? — but I really do love the print…and props to whomever can pull it off, fo sho.


2 Responses to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”

  1. Love that French Connection dress! :)

  2. 2 Nancy

    Love the sparkly jacket for NYE!
    I hope Dublin can handle our sequins invasion!!

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