Dressing Room in Your Room


Oh, technology.

Tobi.com is kind of like ShopBop with all its designer goods. I’m not a huge fan of its site design in comparison to ShopBop (speaking of which, the site’s having a big sale!), but it does have some cool features like a virtual “chat with a stylist” every weekday from 9 – 6 pm. Tobi provides a picture, email, and phone number for the various stylists they have chatting with you. Still, I’m always a little skeptical of whether or not it’s a real person working the system. So, I had a little chat. Other than taking a little long to respond, she seemed human enough.

Marisol: hi J!
J: Hi Marisol
Marisol: how may I help you?
J: so what’s the deal with wearing brown and black?
Marisol: oh that rule no longer exists
Marisol: brown and black go together very well! ;-)
J: haha ok great!
J: what ARE some taboo fashion trends?
J: aside from say, wearing things that don’t fit?
Marisol: ya know right now, there isn’t anything strange going on
Marisol: just a lot of layering
Marisol: leather jackets, and big scarves
Marisol: layers is the key this season!
J: but what if you look like ralphie on A Christmas Story?

The conversation stopped there.

Anyway, I guess it’s not too surprising that given its tech-savviness Tobi.com of all sites would be the first to use augmented reality to bring a virtual dressing room into the comfort of your own home — takes “shopping in your underwear” to a new level doesn’t it? (The solution’s called Fashionista, brought to you through a partnership between RichRelevance and Zugara.) With a Webcam, you can try on 300 pieces of clothing, and a motion sensor allows you to control the site while you’re modeling in front of the computer. You can even share the photos with your friends. Check out how it works:

Finally, another way to use my Webcam other than video chatting work sessions with my friend in law school — she, working on papers, and me, on another article, yet again, sadly overdue.


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