A La ModCloth


A friend of a friend tipped me off to ModCloth and to spread the wealth, here’s a tip — get there quick before another one of their vintage pieces gets bought!

The site was founded in 2002 by a fashionista and her techie boyfriend, now husband (How perfect is that?). The girl — we’ll call her Susan — started the site the summer before she left for college (boyfriend in tow), and continued to run the store, albeit out of her dorm room. They’re the class of 2006 and they’re already so awesome — what am I doing wrong!

Perhaps I’ll drown my sorrows in these vintage Posh Pixie Boots — no wait, I can’t. They’re sold out. But that’s also part of the beauty of the site. New pieces are added daily and snatched up by one lucky individual almost immediately. Bonus: Their prices are super affordable. So you can wear them with confidence that it’s highly unlikely anyone else will be wearing the same thing (uh, I was once in a subway car standing right next to a girl wearing the same military jacket from Forever 21. You’d think some 8 million people would help dilute the bargain shoppers just a little bit.) Still, I’ll admit it’s kind of frustrating to scroll through multiple pages and see everything’s sold out. Good marketing strategy, at least.

If vintage isn’t your thang, the site also features a lot of new inventory from well-known designers like Betsy Johnson to local indie designers.

Happy Friday.


One Response to “A La ModCloth”

  1. Hi!
    Thanks for the write up about our site! We appreciate the support and I’m happy your friend told you about us! We love making new friends! Don’t forget to sign up for our ‘notify me of of restock’ feature on our sold out items! :)
    <3 Aire

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